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He’s an orgasm addict

18th March 2016
Offline XXKINGOFCUMs - He’s an orgasm addict
The most popular search term on Cameraboys is live orgasm. Why shouldn’t it be? Cumming together is one of the best sensations and even if it’s lonesome, it’s still awesome. Why do we like watching someone’s ejaculation? Because unless we have a ceiling mirror, we rarely get to see the ecstasy pouring all over our faces when we actually come. Our partners...
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Looking for a gay soulmate?

05th February 2016
Offline TommyHartman - Looking for a gay soulmate?
Although not a proper category on Cameraboys, the search term “Soulmate” comes up pretty often. Our models are famous for performing hot sexy acts on camera, but what happens if the member only looks for a good talk with a likeminded guy? A soulmate relation covers everything from a nice chat to a smooth talk or even a hint of stripping… but let’s not...
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Long-haired gay hotties

18th September 2015
Offline DanielGlam - Long-haired gay hotties
Did you know how rare long hair is in the gay community? Extremely rare, so let’s cherish those beauties who let their hair down in more ways than one and wear their manes with pride! Think of Gavin Rossdale and Johnny Depp rocking out their hair on the red carpet and on the stage. There you go. If straight guys and international superstars can get away...
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Big thick dicks

04th June 2015
Offline BlondeStunner - Big thick dicks
We all love to grab them. We all love to gag on them and blow them! We all love when all our holes are filled by girthy cocks and preferably one - or two, if you are insatiable - in each hole! If you go to the Big Cock & Huge Dick Category on Cameraboys, you will find an endless number of beauties waiting for you to suck on their manparts or take you to...
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Offline HarveyDan - Can I taste your chocolate milk?
Ebony men have always been the epitome of sex appeal with their firm six-packs that come in a yummy tan packaging you just want to lick all over and bathe in their chocolate fountain! How come African American guys are so coveted when it comes to wet dreams? First of all, they are confident, have a contagious, seducing smile, treat you like a prince and...
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