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Gay athletes at the 2016 Olympics in Rio

08th August 2016
Gay athletes at the 2016 Olympics in Rio Meet the out & proud athletes who take pride in their hard work and identity as well.

Tom Bosworth (Great Britain, race walk) – although having been bullied in high school, he never chose to hide his sexuality

Tom Daley (Great Britain, diving) – out since 2013 December, by 2015 he was already engaged to the love of his life.

Amini Fonua (Tonga, swimming) – already out at the 2012 Olympics as well; he proudly dons a swimsuit from the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center

"A high profile celebrity couple” Edward Gal & Hans Peter Minderhoud (Netherlands, both equestrians)

Carl Hester (Great Britain, equestrian) – Britain’s only openly gay athelete at this year’s Olympic Games

Ari-Pekka Liukkonen (Finland, swimming) – the first and so far only Finnish athlete to come out while still active

Robbie Manson (New Zealand, rowing) – “It’s all right to be gay”

Ian Matos (Brazil, diving) – He came out after being inspired to do so by Britain’s Tom Daley

Spencer Wilton (Great Britain, equestrian) – formerly in a relationship with fellow equestrian Carl Hester

Jeffrey Wammes (Netherlands, gymnastics) – he chose to come out in a magazine edition focusing on the gay athletes of The Netherlands

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