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    I then laid on top of him and kissed him. I asked Paul, "Do you want me inside of your body?" He answered, "Yes." I spread his legs apart and placed my wet cock to the entrance of his still wet hole. I pushed and he opened up to me. It was wonderful. I soon had the entire length deep inside of him. He moaned. I stayed still for a couple of minutes so that he could adjust to me being inside of him. Then I started to fuck him slowly. Then I increased my assault on him. He moaned as I slid in and out of his tight and wet hole. All of a sudden I could feel it coming. I fell over top of his body as my cock spurted cum juices into his body. I pulled out of Paul and we both got the much need sleep we needed. I woke up hearing someone knocking on the door. I got up and opened the door. My cock got instantly hard as Joe walked into the room. I told Joe to be quiet because Paul was still asleep. Joe grabbed my dick and we both kissed. I asked Joe if he would join us in bed. He also, like a good angel, agreed. I helped Joe to take off of his clothes. Then we both walked over to the bed. Paul was awake watching both of us smile. Paul smiled also. We all started caressing and feeling each other. In each hand I had a cock. We kissed and tongued.

    2 years ago
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    2 years ago
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    thank you alejandro i love you soo.

    2 years ago

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  • Nickname Energy
  • Age 18
  • Height 5'10" - 6'2"
  • Weight 145-160lbs
  • Hair color Black
  • Hair length Short
  • Penis size Big
  • Eye color Black
  • Ethnicity hispanic
  • Gender male
  • Sexual preferences Bisexual
  • Languages