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Frequently Asked Questions
CameraBoys Membership and Credits

CameraBoys Site

What is CameraBoys?

CameraBoys is an adult live video chat site, where you can chat with amateur Performers from all over the world. These Performers broadcast video image live from their homes or studios, so you can watch them while chatting.
CameraBoys offers a wide variety of models; to pick the one who fits your desire, you can use our Advanced Search that will help you find Performers based on appearance, age, spoken language, specialties, video quality and many more. Once you have found your favourites add them to your Favourite list and save yourself the effort next time you are looking for them.

Are all cameras live?

Yes! On CameraBoys all online Performers provide a live camera feed in their chatrooms.

On the other hand, we also offer a great deal of pre-recorded VideoOnDemand streams for a rather moderate price. These videos are listed in a separate section of the site.

How does video chat work?

The Performer has a webcam or camcorder set up in front of her providing live video feed through the Internet. Many Performers have audio option, so not only you can see them but hear them at the same time.

You need to have Adobe Flash plug-in installed for your browser in order to be able to view the camera feed. If you need technical help you can contact our Online Support staff available 24/7.

How do I chat with a Performer?

When you enter someone`s chatroom, you see the Performer in real time on the left hand side of the room. There is a chat window on the right hand side that you can use to chat with the Performer by entering your text message at the top of the chat window. The model`s answer will appear in the same window with different colour.

In Free Chat area of CameraBoys you will find that a Performer might chat with many visitors at the same time. Once you find the Performer of your likings you can hit Private Chat button and start a live show you direct! During Private Chat you have the option to share your own camera feed provided that you have a webcam hooked up to your computer. Cam2Cam option comes with no extra fee!

How do I leave a chatroom?

CameraBoys has a second based billing, which ensures that you only pay for the time you actually spent in Private Chat. You can leave a chatroom simply by clicking on Exit button in the top-right corner or navigating to a different section of the site.

How does automatic chat translation work?

Automatic Chat Translation

LiveJasmin`s industry-first technology lets you chat with foreign Performers using your own language. Both your and the model`s messages are automatically translated to the chatpartner`s chosen language. This will help bridge language difficulties and ultimately add to a smoother Private experience.

The list of available languages is constantly growing.

How to use:

  • select the language you would like to use by clicking on the small flag (or Off icon when disabled) next to the text area (e.g.: choose the German flag if you want to write in German)
  • when you post a message, you will see its translation to the model`s selected language right below your original message; the model can also see both lines
  • the same way, when the model posts a message, you can see the original line and its translation below it
  • if you want to turn translations off, simply click on the flag and select `OFF` from the list
  • in case your and the model`s selected languages are the same, no translation will take place

Your feedback on this new feature is highly appreciated. You can tell your opinion in Idea Box.

Credit Purchase

How can I purchase additional credits?

Adding credits to Your existing CameraBoys Account is fast and easy. Use "Buy Credits" menu that You can find at the top of all pages.

  1. Choose the desired credit package
  2. Wait for the end of credits purchase process

After a successful credit purchase You can start using them up immediately!

You can add credits during a Private Show without leaving the Private session!

Would You like to buy credits now? Please click here:Buy Credits!

What do I do in case of an unsuccessful Credit purchase?

If You experience an unsuccessful credit purchase please check Your registered e-mail address.

Don't forget to check Spam/Junk/Bulk folders as well!

In case You received an e-mail from "Duodecad ITS" regarding the transaction please reply the e-mail as soon as possible. "Duodecad ITS" 's representative will shortly contact You.

In case You do not receive an e-mail from "Duodecad ITS" regarding the transaction You can contact their Customer Service in one of the the following ways:

By sending an e-mail from Your registered mailbox to

By phone 24 hours a day dialing: (+352) 26 11 18 40

Please note that only English support is available!

"Duodecad ITS" is the owner of more information on "Duodecad ITS" visit

Where shall I apply for billing information?

You may contact "Duodecad ITS" 's Customer Service for billing information in one of the following ways:

By sending an e-mail from Your registered mailbox to

By phone 24 hours a day dialing: (+351) 291 003 610

Please note that only English support is available!

Customer Service for Payment processors:

Duodecad ITS Customer Service

CCBill Customer Service Customer Service

ePassporte Customer Service

Aconti Support

How can I get FREE Credits?

When new persons register on, they may purchase packages with bonus credits. This option is only available for new purchases of first-time users; a new account registration alone is not considered to be a new user. Members can regularly get packages with bonus credits. Members can also check the number of required purchases to receive their bonus packages. Bonus credit packages are not available with CCBill and phone purchases. Bonus credits are part of the full credit package, and therefore refunds are NOT possible after spending them on our website.

Member Account

I forgot my Membership password. What to do?

If You happen to forget Your password please visit the webpage below where - after providing Your username and registered e-mail address - we shall send Your correct login details to Your registered e-mail address.

Resending Forgotten Membership password:

If - for any reason - Your login details did not reach You, please contact CameraBoys Customer Service either by sending an e-mail or visiting our Online Support Chatroom.

How can I renew my Membership?

You can use Your purchased credits anytime, however, should You not buy additional credits for more than 30 days, You will not be able to see all of the images in Performer Profiles.

You can renew Your Membership anytime by purchasing additional credits. Your renewed Membership can be put in practise right after the purchase!

How can I check my Member Account balance?

In order to check Your balance click on "My Account" button and locate "Account Balance" link.

You can add credits by clicking on "Continue" button at the bottom of "Account Balance" page.

How can I cancel my Membership?

In case You would like to cancel Your Membership You may contact CameraBoys Customer Service either by sending an e-mail or visiting our Online Support Chatroom.

CameraBoys Performers

When is a Performer online?

Would You like to know if Your favorite Performer is online? Subscribe to the Performer's Mailing list or add the Performer to Your "Favorites" list. You can also create Your own, customized RSS feed that will let You know immediately when Your favorites or simply Your type of Performers are online.

How can I add a Performer to my Favorites list?

Would You like to reach Your favorite Performers by two clicks? Add them to Your "Favorites" that You can find under "My Account" by clicking on "Add to Favorites" button on Performer's Personal Page.

You can add up to 24 Performers to the list, however, if You subscribe as a Topmember this number would multiply by four.

In order to remove a Performer from Your "Favorites" list click on "Remove from Favorites" button on Performer's Personal Page or click on the X next to the Performer in "Favorites" section.

How can I subscribe to a Performer's Mailing list?

Would You like to be notified when one of Your favorites is online? Subscribe to the Performer's Mailing list!

In order to subscribe You need to do the following:

  1. Visit the Performer's Private Show
  2. After the Private Show click on "Subscribe to XY's e-mail list" button

You can also subscribe to a Performer`s Mailing list in `Performer History` section of My Account.

The Performer is able to send one message within 24 hours.

In order to unsubscribe from a Performer's Mailing list You may click on the link located at the bottom of the received e-mail message and follow instructions.

How can I find the Performer I am looking for?

Using Advanced Search You can easily specify physical features (such as hair colour, breast size, build), age, sexual preference, ethnicity, spoken languages and even quality of the camera feed or the actual per minute price.

Additionally You can find predefined search options e.g. `Fresh Cuties` if You are looking for petite girls between the age of 18 and 22 or `XXL Mommies` in case You prefer matures with an above average breast size

You can find Advanced Performer Search by logging into Your account and clicking on Search button at the top of the page.

Can I rate Performers?

Using My Rating feature You can rate any Performer You come across. Simply by looking at the number of stars You gave them You could tell how You liked them before.

Later You will be able to search for them based on Your rating as well.

I was not satisfied with the Performer's Private Show. What to do?

In case You were unsatisfied with a Performer's Private Show please contact CameraBoys Customer Service either by sending an e-mail or visiting our Online Support Chatroom.

For more information about CameraBoys's Refund Policy visit:


What are the benefits of TopMembership?

Be a Member of CameraBoys's Exclusive Club and vote for the Performers! You could become the winner of TopMember Awards on the score of Performer Votes. We give 70.000 Free credits away each month, 100 credits being 1st prize in each category!

As a TopMembers You are already special since Your text will appear in a different colour in Free Chat rooms and You can use emoticons too!

In case Your Favorite Performer is not online leave a message through the message center that is available exclusively for TopMembers!

The number of Favorite Performers You can add would multiply by four!

Sign up now and enjoy all the benefits of the TopMembership!

Click here to learn more about TopMembership and its benefits.

How to become a TopMember?

Be a part of TopMember Awards in 3 easy steps and win Free credits having fun!

  1. Click here for the TopMember page
  2. Choose the desired category
  3. Finally click on "Sign up" button

Easy sign up - no documents required!

TopMembership fee is 15 credits worth of money in the currency You buy credits with. The amount is deducted bi-weekly.

Sign up now, be a part of CameraBoys's Exclusive Members Club!

How can I vote for a Performer?

Would You like to participate in TopMembership Awards and win FREE credits? If so, do the following:

  1. Visit a Performer's Private Show and spend at least 5 minutes in there.
  2. Vote for the Performer on the page appearing after the Private Show

In case the vote was successful the Performer will be able to vote back for You thus giving You TopMember points. Based on the received points, You will be ranked in TopMember Awards that You can check by clicking here!

You can vote for a certain Performer in a give period only once.

How can I change my category in TopMember Awards?

You have the opportunity to change Your category in TopMember Awards.

For this You may do the following:

  1. Go to TopMember page from "My Account" menu
  2. Choose Your new category
  3. Click on "Change" button

Your new category will take effect from the beginning of the next period.

How can I cancel my TopMembership?

In order to cancel Your Topmembership You may contact CameraBoys Customer Service either by sending an e-mail or visiting our Online Support Chatroom.

How can I send messages to Performers?

Only TopMembers have the option to send and receive messages to Performers. If You are not a TopMember, "Message to Performers" option is not available.

As a TopMember You can contact Performers via e-mail by clicking on "Message to Performers" link in "My Account" section.

  1. Click on "New Message" button
  2. Pick the Performer You would like to send message to from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose the Subject and write the message.
  4. Click on "Send" button

Please don’t forget that You can contact the Performers whom You visited in Private earlier, if You have a valid TopMembership.

You can check messages sent by Performers by clicking on "Inbox"

What sould I do in case my TopMembeship renewal failed?

  1. In case You do not have sufficient funds on your bank account, TopMembership fee cannot be withdrawn.
  2. In case You have sufficient funds on your bank account, yet TopMembership fee withdrawal failed, it is possible that your bank refused the transaction. We suggest contacting your bank or credit card issuer.
  3. In any other case, please kindly contact our Online Support team.

VIP Member Awards

What is VIP Member Awards all about?

At CameraBoys You are the King! We feel that we need to let You know You are in every possible way. We would like to reward You as our greatest customer with Free credits within the confines of VIP Member Awards.

There is no need to sign up, You will get into the game automatically! Just sit back and greet Free credits every two weeks as a sign of CameraBoys Team's appreciation!

Rules of the game

Upon each credit purchase You receive a certain amount of points as follows:

  • 28.99 - 1 point
  • 68.99 - 3 points
  • 98.99 - 5 points
  • 158.99 - 10 points

You will appear on the list of VIP Member Awards based on the number of Your points.

Benefits of VIP Member Awards

First 500 Members on the list receive Free credits on 1st and 16th each month!

Technical Help

Enabling Cam2Cam

You can use Cam2Cam service during a Private Show for FREE (no additional fee). This way the Performer is also able to see You!

Enabling Cam2Cam:

  1. Click on "Camera" button under the Performer's video window during a Private Show
  2. Allow access to Your camera in the Flash pop-up window

In case a black screen appears instead of Your live camera image You may do the following:

  1. Right-click (CTRL-click for Mac users) on the video image
  2. Choose "Settings" from the menu appearing
  3. Click on the small webcamera icon to acces Camera menu
  4. Choose the camera You have installed
  5. Choose Privacy menu and Allow access to Your camera.

Please make sure that no other application (e.g. MSN, Yahoo, Skype, etc.) is accessing Your camera while doing Cam2Cam and that You have the latest Flash player installed. You can download it from this location:

In case You have a Mac with built-in iSight You may choose USB option from the drop-down list.

Troubleshooting Adobe Flash Player

It came to our knowledge that the latest release of Flash version 10 has errors that might cause online content not to render properly or even result in a browser crash.

In case You experience any problem using Flash 10 it is advised to uninstall it and downgrade to the previous, version 9 release.

You can download Flash 9 from this location:

Make sure that all browser windows and IM applications (such as MSN, Skype, Yahoo Messenger) are closed before You proceed with installation.

For further information and assistance please visit our Online Support room.