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Gay characters on TV

22nd August 2016
Gay characters on TV
As already discussed, homosexuality has always been a topic that had been rarely, if ever discussed in Hollywood. TV shows tend to exploit the same gay stereotypes – some are there for mere comic relief or as a symbol of a doomed life. David Fisher, Six Feet Under If you wish to see a fuller exploration or a more grounded approach to gay life, Alan...
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категория:  Gay media / history / trivia

Offline SunnyCul - SunnyCul, will you give me a sungasm?
Meet SunnyCul, a lovely gentleman with pale white skin, green eyes and a gigantic dick. You can’t take your eyes off of him when he fingers himself as instructed and jerks off at the same time at a pace that would drive any sex-hungry man crazy. If you like hung camboys stretching out on a sofa with their bare butts spread and a huge dildo shoved up...
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категория:  Fresh!

Gay athletes at the 2016 Olympics in Rio
Meet the out & proud athletes who take pride in their hard work and identity as well. Tom Bosworth (Great Britain, race walk) – although having been bullied in high school, he never chose to hide his sexuality http://www.telegraph.co.uk/athletics/2016/06/11/meet-tom-bosworth-the-torch-bearer-who-yearns-to-be-just-an-athl/ Tom Daley (Great Britain,...
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категория:  News

5 types of guys you wouldn’t want to date
So you are out there again, planning to find the love of your life. If you are too blinded by looks or too hungry to pay attention to obvious red flags, let us at least introduce you to a few guys you don’t want to date for your own good in the long run. Don’t be sorry for them or yourself. They’ll stay just as messed up as you left them (if you do leave...
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категория:  Tips & tricks

Yay, Jai!

11th May 2016
Offline JaiSpears - Yay, Jai!
A twink with an attitude. There is no dick he can resist. Nor can you say no to his. So why don’t you hook up? JaiSpears is a fresh new gay star on Cameraboys. Yours truly will waste no time before showing you the real deal: he is not some shy newcomer, just read his Bio page and try to hide your raging boner! He’s into anal but also wants to give you...
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